No Sprinkle Left Behind: Holiday Cookie Decorating, the Firewood Way

No Sprinkle Left Behind: Holiday Cookie Decorating, the Firewood Way

Cookies, you’re no match for us. Join us as we view the results from Firewood’s first (and potentially last) Holiday Cookie Decorating Challenge. It’s time to spread holiday cheer like cheap vanilla icing.

DJ Carey and Michiel Schriever, our chief creative officer (CCO) and executive creative director (ECD) respectively, provided their expert creative commentary. First up, the winner of this very serious challenge:

“Firewood” by Joyce Wagner, senior account director


  • People’s Choice Winner (by a resounding margin)
  • Literal Larry Award

Artful execution. Marvelous use of color and depth. Negative space really frames the artwork and makes for an impactful treat.” —DJ Carey, CCO

There is no stopping Joyce—she’s on fire.” —Team



“G-Man: Through the Wormhole” by Maddie Bailey, office assistant


  • Elegance Award
  • People’s Choice Silver Medal

“Simple, clean, elegant, with just a dash of cheer.” —DJ Carey, CCO

Such beauty! Artistry to the moon (and back)!” —Team



“The Party’s Worst Nightmare” by Sean Dunnigan, copywriter


  • Inverse Meta Award
  • People’s Choice: Nostalgic Favorite

Collective “awwwwww” —Team



“Peace” by Stacie Katz, production manager


  • Now I Get Why You’re So Good at Your Job Award
  • People’s Choice: So Extremely Cute!

“When will there be peace on Earth, and not just on our cookies?” —Team



“404: Cookie Not Found” by Jeremy Moseley, UX director


  • Does Not Compute Award

With the design missing it’s hard to judge.” —Michiel Schriever, ECD

“Should we worry that someone can draw this from the top of his head?” —Team



Pretty Poinsettia” by Morgan McIlwain, art director


  • I’d Love to Hang This on My Door Award

“Stunning and seasonal.” —DJ Carey, CCO



“Gentrification—the Cookie” by Becca Hawk, senior copywriter


  • Winter Is Coming Award (take that as you will)

“Very strong social economic comment. Really shows the artist’s involvement in the community. Strong choice of color and use of materials.”Michiel Schriever, ECD



“Save Me” by Leanne Chabalko, associate creative director

“Is that a volcano or a murder scene?” —DJ Carey, CCO

“It started as a red-carpeted stairway. Things went very wrong.” —Leanne Chabalko, artist (and, the author of this post)



Honorable Mentions: It’s Cold in Here

“Melted Snowman” by Stephanie Arata, senior project manager

“The peanut butter cup cap and jaunty red scarf seal the deal.” —DJ Carey, CCO


“Stuffed Santa” by Adam King, associate creative director


  • Negative Space Award
  • People’s Choice: Most Festive


“Melting Snowman” by Rebecca Miller, director of project management

“Both snowmen are begging for mercy, but this one really tugs on my heartstrings.” —Michiel Schriever, ECD



Honorable Mentions: Kooky Colors Category

“Merry Marine Life” by Katherine Carter, creative operations specialist


  • Dive In and Be Happy Award


“Holiday Illuminati: If We Say More, You Have to Eat It” by [artist’s name removed out of embarrassment]


  • Eye of Sauron Award

“Are those cheetos? And raisins? Gross.” —Team


“Obsessive-Compulsive Xmas Lights” by Becca Wolf, senior email manager


  • Escape From the Factory Award



Honorable Mentions: Snow Falls on San Francisco

“Let It Snow” by Tara Wear, HR manager

“Delightful use of sprinkles as snow.” —Michiel Schriever, ECD


“Oh Sh**, It’s Cold in Here” by Rachel Noce, project manager

“It gives me a peaceful, easy feeling. I like that.” —DJ Carey, CCO

“Snowmen are very popular this year, but where are the snowwomen?” —Team



Honorable Mentions: One Artist, Two Cookies

“The Big ‘G’” by Jeremy Moseley, UX director


  • The Big Shill Award

“Copyright infringement; colors not true to guidelines; poor choice of materials.”Michiel Schriever, ECD


“Babe Ruth Baseball ($93,109.49)” by Jeremy Moseley, UX director

“Wait, how many cookies did Jeremy decorate? Is that allowed? Disqualified!” —DJ Carey, CCO



Honorable Mentions: Embedded Agency Edition

“Blank” by Anonymous


  • _______ Award

“Conceptually very strong, structure of canvas really tells the story. Minimalistic approach reflected in choice of materials.” —Michiel Schriever, ECD


“We Partner” by Sonia Chandra, creative operations manager

“Concept of fire between parties reflects real life at an embedded agency.” —DJ Carey, CCO



See? With every blank slate (and sugar cookie), the team at Firewood is ready to create something beautiful. Thank you for coming along for the ride. Merry holiday to all, and to all a happy blog-reading night!





Huge shout-outs to Lori Von Rueden and Maddie Bailey for helping make the cookie decoration happen, to John Wegner for his Photoshop skills, and to Sean Dunnigan for GIF-spiration.


  1. Fallon Davis

    I love all of the cookies! Go Firewood! :)

  2. Sam

    Sean’s cookie is super cool! Me want that cookie!

  3. Loni

    <3 Sounds like a great time!

  4. Kevin

    Well executed all the way around. Now back to work.


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