WEEKLY REVIEW  |  December 15, 2016



Is the Pokémon GO craze over?

While the announcement of an update gave users hope, most Pokémon GO players are disappointed. Why? Reportedly, only seven out of 100 generation 2 Pokémons are available. And for those users in the middle of winter, hatching them requires trudging 10 km through some serious snow. Can Niantic pull out of this with more updates and surprises?

Let Dad feel baby kicks, but at what cost to Mom?

Scandinavian diaper brand Libero just created the BabyBuzz, “the world’s first pregnant [sic] bracelet.” What it does: When the child kicks, or punches, or hiccups, the pregnant woman pushes a button on her bracelet, and her partner’s bracelet vibrates. Why it’s problematic: If pregnant women aren’t already overwhelmed, now they have to push a button for every moment, too.


This year’s “most searched.”

Google just published 2016’s most searched terms. From quinoa to Budweiser to Michael Bublé (who saw that coming?), see everyone’s most loved interests as we say good-bye to everyone’s least loved year.

Ikea helps you search for your real-life solutions.

Ikea’s product names have a certain charm to them, but for English-speaking customers they can be a little opaque. Meet their new (if only temporary) product names: the “My dad is allergic to furry animals” plush dog, the “My partner snores” daybed, the “How to make long distance work” moving box, and more. SEO that’s intelligent, creative, and witty — this campaign has it all.


The “magic” phone case.

There’s Gorilla Glass and Otterbox (what’s with the animals, anyway?), but what if your phone case could make scratches disappear? Nissan’s new Scratch Shield iPhone case does exactly that. They say the technology isn’t new — it’s used by the car company on several of their models. Can we get a phone air bag, too?

New Lexus is lit, literally

The new Lexus isn’t just lit in the way millennials use the term, but it’s lit up. With nearly 42,000 LED lights, the car responds to music, driver gestures, and more. Unfortunately for now, we’ll have to respond to the fine print: not available for sale.


Could the next Warhol be a robot?

We’ve written extensively about AI and what it means for our careers and futures. But what about creatives? Can a robot replace someone like Warhol? Can a bot that cannot fail, or become addicted, experience enough to make good art? Artist Antony Micallef muses on this subject in GQ.


Dec 10-29.

San Francisco Ballet’s Nutcracker. Experience the magic of the season at War Memorial Opera House where the American premiere of this holiday classic first appeared in 1944.


Karl goes neon.

Photographer Nick Steinberg captures the San Francisco fog — named Karl, if you’re not a native — in captivating neon waves. For those struggling with the “winter,” the tech bubble, and the feeling that SF might just spit you out: here’s why you live here.

“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love”

Hamilton Wright Mabie