WEEKLY REVIEW  |  November 22, 2017



It’s What’s Inside That Counts

In its 18th incarnation, the iPhone X does more than ever and looks good doing it. Now you can see the brains beneath the beauty with two new high-resolution wallpapers, made by iFixit. One shows what’s inside the iPhone X and the other’s an X-ray version. No radiation was used in the making of these wallpapers.

Mmmachine Learning

With an ever-crowding landscape of delivery apps at your fingertips, all your meals can be on wheels. Now if only someone could decide what you should eat. UberEats introduces new features that predict your cravings before you browse restaurants. Doesn’t that sound good?


Don’t Sleep On Z

If those born between 1995 and 2005 care less about race and gender than any generation before them, should marketers? With staggering purchase power and social influence, Generation Z is quickly becoming the litmus test subject for smart advertising.

Watch While You Watch

Can you imagine watching TV without your phone in-hand? For many of us, texting/posting with the TV on is second nature. In fact, more than 70% of U.S. adults regularly use another digital device while watching TV. Call it rude. Call it depreciating focus power. But also call it an open door for advertisers. The age of the interactive TV experience is here and everyone’s invited. Watch out.


If Everyone Jumped Off A Bridge...

Rope-jumping might not be the most innovative extreme sport of all time. But then again, the most impressive feats of bravery are crazy, primitive stunts. Stunts like 245 people diving off the side of the bridge, at the same time, tethered by a rope. Mimicking the graceful swing of a pendulum, the organized crowd lept from a bridge in Hortolandia, Brazil. Records were shattered. Bones were not.

All Hands On Doc

As an agency that uses G-Suite in virtually every aspect, Firewood knows the power and value of collaborate programs. Now, an interface tool called Figma seeks to bring G-Suite’s “everyone at the same table” spirit to the design realm. Figma lets multiple people collaborate in real time as they draw, drag, and edit elements on the screen. Maybe this will usher in a friendlier approach to “design by committee.”


He Has No Problem Opening Up

If you’re the parent of a toddler, you might be very familiar with Ryan’s Toy Review. The collection of YouTube videos follows little boy who unwraps one present after another while his parents giggle from behind the camera. Lewis Hilsenteger’s YouTube channel, Unbox Therapy, is a lot like thatwith iPhones and stuff. With more than 9 million subscribers, and 1.3 billion views, Hilsenteger’s the leader of the unpacking pack.


What to do with visiting Thanksgiving guests? You could check out Smiths Nite at Popscene, the legendary post Thanksgiving dance party complete with DJ’s and a live band. Still have energy left (or want to burn off even more calories, the the Holiday Ice Rink in Union Square will be open starting 11/25.  Riggers Loft Wine Company is hosting, Holidays on the Bay(ou), where you can ring in the Holiday season with dance, cheer, wine & dine New Orleans-style.


Weird photo goes viral

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