WEEKLY REVIEW  |  October 20, 2017



AOL sets their permanent away message.

It was an entire generation’s introduction to Internet. It set the framework for how we interact online today. And it’s going away for good on December 15th.

How Russia Harvested American Rage.

On one hand 17 U.S. Intelligence Agencies believe the Kremlin hacked our 2016 election. But on the other hand a serial con-artist calls that ‘fake news’. How will we ever figure out who is telling the truth? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Spotting Those MacBook Battery Burners.

OJ is out of jail and your MacBook is out of juice…(sorry). Read this tech tip to get better usage out of your laptop battery.


CMOs Say Social Media Spending Will Rise 89% By 2022.

An online publication by the American Marketing Association says [online] social marketing spend will almost double over 5 years. Why not? Carpe diem!

McDonald’s Rick & Morty Szechuan Sauce Debacle.

In 2017, this counts as need-to-know journalism.


Is Papyrus the new Comic Sans?

Ryan Gosling ruminates Avatar’s use of the Papyrus font – years after it’s release in this hilarious SNL skit.

Google has emojis too, you guys.

Not to be outdone by iOS 11.1, Google’s emojis just got a makeover with the Android Oreo release. The update transforms the once blob-like Google emoji into more lifelike circles and human form. Whether it’s the inevitable emoji evolution, or succumbing to peer pressure, we’ll miss the little blobs.


Tim Gunn

This recent LinkedIn Talent Connect keynote speaker and Project Runway fashion icon made it work for 30 years teaching at the Parsons School of Design. See what he can T.E.A.C.H you.


One of Life’s Eternal Questions, Answered.

“What happens after we die?”, “Do we really have free will?”, “Is Adam Sandler a good actor?” Explore The AV Club’s pro arguments for that last question.