Giving back.
Empowering lives with compassion.

Belief in our people and community.

Our people-driven culture extends beyond office walls and into our local communities. We give back wherever and whenever we can to support charities and organizations that are focused on providing people with the assistance they need.

Over the past several years, we’ve given back through our annual Season of Giving program, an employee-led initiative, and, most recently, we launched a more extensive program, Firewood in the Field, that supports organizations throughout the year.

These two programs foster support in different ways and they allow everyone at Firewood the opportunity to make a difference in our community.

Firewood in the Field: Pro Bono Digital Marketing

Firewood in the Field is an all-year program where Firewood team members volunteer their time using their digital marketing skills, helping charitable organizations achieve their objectives online. We provide Google AdWords setup and optimization support for the $10,000 per month provided by the Google Ad Grants program, up to a total of $50,000 per month of spend.

If you’re interested in learning more about this program, please fill out the form. A Firewood team member will reach out to you via email to learn more about your organization and answer all of your questions.

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Season of Giving Program: Employee-Nominated Charities

Each holiday season, our employees nominate local charities and organizations. It’s one way we can go beyond our everyday responsibilities of helping our clients and give back to our communities, both financially and through longer-term initiatives. For nearly five years, we’ve been fortunate (thanks to our success) to provide financial assistance to many outstanding charities. In 2017, the following four charities received initial contributions of $10,000 each:

Responding to a Community in Need

The tragic fires in the North Bay struck an emotional cord with us, as our first Firewood office was in Glen Ellen, a community hit particularly hard by the disaster. We decided to host one of our monthly out-on-the-town get-togethers in-house and donate the savings. Then our team decided we could do more. Our “night in” became a fundraiser which, between staff contributions and our pledge to match the donation, raised over $16,000—a testament to what we’re capable of as a team. We selected a well-deserving organization to donate the funds to: