Core Competency Case Studies


Events: High Touch Customer Programs

Inspiring customers with a high-touch, scalable events program.

Customer Lifecycle Development

Designing a meaningful and relevant customer experience.

Digital Marketing

Scaling digital marketing programs that drive growth.

Case Studies


Google Cloud Platform

Crafting a brand-new free trial experience.

Android Pay

Offering a warm welcome and guidance for new customers.

Airbnb: A New Strategy for Growth

Setting up a strong infrastructure to attract new hosts

Thumbtack Acquisition & Relationship Marketing

Winning customers—and building lasting relationships

A New Feature on Google Search

Helping customers understand and use new features.

Translate Community

Welcoming and engaging community members.

AVG Digital Marketing

Reducing churn—and increasing engagement among existing customers.


Acquiring new customers on a budget.

EMPLOYERS Acquisition

Generating qualified leads, year after year.