Weekdays are for the interns

Weekdays are for the interns

For many college students, summer is the finish line in the marathon that is a college school year. Physically exhausted, emotionally drained, and usually a little crazy from a coffee overdose, many students are afforded the chance to spend time away from work and enjoy the summer. Our interns, however, chose otherwise. Instead of taking the summer off, they have decided to join the Firewood team and continue their education by immersing themselves in the day-to-day activities of agency life. Each of them comes to Firewood from different backgrounds and equipped with varying skill sets, but they leave with valuable experience and an understanding of the Firewood culture. Our three summer interns, Collin Mielke, Jonah Hausammann, and Scott Nalbandian, each share some insights from their time with us.


Collin Mielke

Age: 21

College: University of Oregon

Major: Business Administration

Fun Fact: I make beer runs for the office.

Since my collegiate debut in 2015 as an undeclared freshman, I have seized the opportunity to intern for Firewood Marketing during my summer breaks away from Eugene, Oregon. What began as a three-week stint consisting of errand running and dishwashing, has now developed into a three-month-long learning experience that has introduced me to the creative side of digital marketing, specifically UI and UX. While I am currently a general business major, shadowing senior directors and creative members at Firewood has allowed me to expand on my creative marketing skills through practical application. Beyond hands-on projects, every meeting that I sit in on is yet another glimpse at what opportunities are available for me in the field of digital marketing. And seeing both sides of consulting work has expanded my knowledge of both small businesses and large corporations—something I could never receive from a college course. At the start of my internship with Firewood, I was merely another lost teenager wondering what career choice I would regretfully be forced to choose. But after several months of working here, I am excited to continue my career path in digital marketing and hope to utilize the connections I have made along the way.


Jonah Hausammann

Age: 18

College: CU Boulder

Major: Advertising Major / Communication Minor

Fun Fact: I legally can’t make beer runs for the office.

Since I just finished my freshman year of college, I am more attuned to the ominous realities that come with the territory of being a college student. To put things simply, I realized I needed a summer job or, even better, an internship. Luckily, I was able to land an internship here at Firewood Marketing! I was immersed into the world of events marketing and got to see how you craft each event, from the initial client meetings all the way down to the event execution. I helped them conduct research of potential venues for events, helped organize anything from their inventory to their Google Drive folders, and was fortunate enough to help on-site at two events. The internship was a bit intimidating at the beginning, but if you’re looking for a good way to get an in-depth look at your major, an internship is by far the most valuable hands-on experience you will have as a college student. Now that it is quickly coming to an end, I’ve realized I love what I’m studying, which is a pretty good realization.


Scott Nalbandian

Age: 20

College: University of Denver

Major: Marketing Major / Computer Science Minor

Fun Fact: I can’t really drink beer. But if I did, it would be Dos Equis.

For me, coming to Firewood wasn’t just about getting work experience, it was also a chance for me to do some personal growth as I experienced living on my own in the city. After asking on Facebook about places to live for the summer, I ended up following a suggestion from a friend’s mom and finding a place to live south of the city. Living outside of the city itself was good for me because I could get downtown quickly on BART and when I went home I wasn’t living in the hustle and bustle of the city and could just relax. Having this balance helped me feel better about adventuring in the city, because I knew that at the end of the day I could go back home and completely unwind. I also decided I’d walk everywhere. Walking not only helped me save money and was a good workout (especially with some of those huge hills), but it also helped me appreciate the city more than I could have if I’d just driven through it the whole time. Investing time in getting comfortable with the city was important for me because, once I felt like I belonged in the city, it helped me feel more comfortable with myself. And that in turn helped me settle in at work more. Everyone at Firewood has been incredibly kind to me, and their support with things both in and outside of the office has been what has made my migration north such a valuable experience for me.


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